70-Day Stallion Test

The North American 70-Day Stallion Test is held in accordance with the German Stockbreeding Law following the standards of performance tests and horse breeding value requirements as ordered by the breeding associations of the German Equestrian Federation. It is open to stallions of any sporthorse breed who are a minimum of 3 years of age.


At arrival, the stallions undergo a veterinary examination before beginning the test. Once the stallions have passed the initial veterinary examination, the testing process begins.

Testing Process

The testing process lasts for seventy days, during which time the stallions must remain at the testing station. During the training period, the training director assesses the stallions in the following criteria:

  • Character
  • Constitution
  • Temprament
  • Willingness to Work
  • Rideability
  • Athletic Ability
  • Gaits (walk, trot, canter)
  • Free Jumping & Stadium Jumping (scope, technique)
  • Cross Country (canter, scope, technique)

The scores will be given during the training period by a training judge and will be factored in to calculate the final score.

Final Testing

During the final testing days, the stallions are assessed by two test judges, two guest jumper riders, and two guest dressage riders who were appointed by the training director and FN representative. Every judge and rider assigns their own marks. The following areas will be judged during the final testing days:

  • Gaits (walk, trot, canter)
  • Rideability
  • Free Jumping & Stadium Jumping (scope, technique)
  • Cross Country (canter, scope, technique)

Judging scores are given by the judges according to the following marking system:

  • 10 = Excellent
  • 9 = Very Good
  • 8 = Good
  • 7 = Satisfactory
  • 6 = Above Average
  • 5 = Average
  • 4 = Below Average
  • 3 = Insufficient
  • 2 = Bad
  • 1 = Very Bad
Final Results

After the scores are collected, the final overall result of the test is calculated with the software program developed by the German Verden VIT. The final results align with the index average score of 100 and one standard divergence of 20 points from the average (100). Five year-old and older stallions will receive a deduction of 5% from the average achieved scores of the three and four year-old stallions in the test group. Following the same procedure, the rideability and jumping indexes are calculated. From these calculations, the stallion’s final score is calculated.


At the conclusion of the test, for each individual stallion, the “whole index”, “rideability index” and the “jumping index” are announced. After all of the scores have been announced, each stallion owner will receive a score sheet showing the marks given in each individual category, along with a comparison of the average score received by all the stallions in each individual category. The score sheet will also indicate the placing of the stallion in the final results of the stallion test group. The German Equestrian Federation is informed by the training director and the FN representative as to the results of the test. Results of the stallion’s test performance for licensing will be available to the registries.

30-Day Stallion Test

Open enrollment is offered to stallions from 3 to 6 years of age of any sporthorse breed. The training includes basic flat work under saddle to test rideability and trainability in addition to presentation in the jump chute to test scope and technique. Based upon evaluation and results during the training phase (first 27 days), the training judge will give scores for interior (character, temperament, willingness to work, and capacity to work), walk, trot, canter, rideability, and free jumping ability (technique and capacity). During the final three days, the stallions will be scored by two guest riders (for rideability and interior) and two test judges (for gaits, rideability, and free jumping). Scoring is not calculated on an index average. This test offers temporary licensing with some registries until either sport requirements are met or the 70-day test has been completed.

Pony Stallion Test

Enrollment is offered to pony stallions who are at least 3 years of age. This is a 30-day test that assesses the stallions for the same criteria as the 70-day test. Scores are not calculated on an index average.